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Personalised uniform for forward-thinking teams, groups, RSLs, educational facilities and individuals. Giving you the power to create quality customised clothing the way you want it, delivered on time, for the right price.

Our process is simple


Tell us your needs, what styles and how many you want and when you need them to be completed by. 

We'll send you the quote -  the more you order, the cheaper it gets. Keep in mind that our minimum order quantity for customised products is 10 units per style per design.


It's time to tell us your detailed artwork requirements and customisation details. 

We can add your logo, name and other elements to any of our shirts from the current range or create a new design based on your needs.


Dot the i's, cross the t's. We will work with you directly during the design process until you are satisfied.

Once everything is exactly how you want it, payment is required. We accept bank transfer, credit & debit card, PayPal or cheque.


Put your feet up. It’s our manufacturing team's time to take over. We’re working on your order.

Production time varies depending on styles and quantity, it usually takes 3-4 weeks to complete a custom order. 


Our team will inspect and pack your products before shipping. We’ll be letting you know when your order is en route wherever you’ve told us to deliver it plus send you tracking details for the courier.

You and your order live happily ever after.


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